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Landowners & Communities 

What do we offer? 

First and Foremost - A partnership

We provide landowners with the opportunity to partner in the establishment of renewable energy generation on their property. As part of this partnership, they enjoy savings on electricity and secure a consistent income from leasing their land for a minimum of thirty years while making significant contributions to mitigating emissions and bolstering Australia's commitment to addressing climate change.

  • How do the communities benefit from renewable energy projects?
    There are several benefits for the community, including: The amount of chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides entering the soil and groundwater is reduced. Land converted from agriculture will be planted with vegetation that does not require chemical inputs. Local tax payments within the community provide millions of dollars for local investment. Importantly, these payments are made without need for any increased services. Any required infrastructure improvements will be paid for by Doral. Many temporary jobs will be created during construction with a a smaller number of permanent jobs lasting throughout operations. These workers will spend money at local businesses for food, lodging, etc.
  • How do landowners benefit from solar projects
    Farmers and other landowners choosing to participate in the project will benefit from stable, consistent rent payments which almost always exceed the profit from farming. These payments will increase over the life of the project and are independent of power prices. During the project’s life cycle landowners will not need to worry about sourcing farm labor or the fluctuation in commodity prices.
  • What is Doral Energy AU's experience in developing renewable projects?
    Doral Group, is an experienced energy developer in Israel, US, Europe, and now in Australia have 16 years of experience of developing small- large scale of renewable projects all over the world.
  • Are renewable energy projects safe?
    Yes. In addition to reducing air pollution from other forms of electricity generation and reducing agricultural run-off in the local community, solar panels are safe. Solar panels are laminated into polymers and cannot mix with water or vaporize. Even if modules are broken, there is little to no risk of harmful release.
  • What happens when a solar project is done producing power
    When the useful life of the project is over, everything will be removed down to a few feet below the surface and the land can be returned to its original use. Permit requirements ensure the thoroughness of the removal and that adequate financial resources are available for decommissioning.
  • Where does the energy go and how much energy is produces in solar projects?
    The energy from the projects will be fed into the local electric grid. Numerous companies, utilities, cities and states have committed to using renewable energy; projects like ours help achieve that goal. The amount of energy produced will vary based on the individual project.

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